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Meeting Minutes March 14, 2013

OI Consortia Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2013
1-4:00 PM
Explanations of OT/PT services and how there is a difference between the medical model vs. the educationally relevant model that is used in the school system.
OT/PT services should not restrict student’s access to instruction to the student’s detriment. OT and PT therefore should still fall under LRE.
There is often confusion between parents that come from other counties or states when PT and OT services have been more intensive vs. the model that is used to determine the extent of services in the state of Georgia.
There is often confusion about 504 vs. IDEA. Many of the OI kids are maintenance only and schools do want an IEP. There has been changes made in 504 this year and GCPS has developed a more lengthy process for 504. Schools are hesitant to agree to a 504 and want the child on an IEP. The student does not have an IEP to get voc rehab.
Discussion of School Based Occupational and Physical Therapy services through a power point was reviewed by GCPS Lead OT and PT.
The CERT is not an assessment, part of the IEP or a teaching methodology. It is a guidance tool to determine the need for educationally relevant therapy to support the IEP goals/objectives. It is a tool recommended by the GA DOE. Review of the tool was completed using the Considerations Guidelines. A sample case study was developed with group and then the tool was discussed from the case study. In some cases, the CERT may indicate that services may not be needed. The team will need to consider the child as a whole to determine if services are needed.
Meeting ended at 4:00.
Next meeting- May 9, 2013 at GCPS ISC