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Resources for Adapted Driver Education Programs in Georgia:


Susan Baker, an OI teacher in Floyd County Schools, has provided us with some valuable information regarding adapted driver education programs for our students with physical disabilities. I have also spoken with a parent who has had direct experience with this process and would be happy to help with any additional information if needed.

While driver’s education is required for an actual license, there are options available to them other than participating in a certified driver training course.

The Department of Driver’s Services has put together a 40 hour parent/teen program that can be completed at home.

More information on obtaining a permit or license can be found at the Department of Driver Services website:

This is a comprehensive list of adapted driver programs in Georgia:–11-7-11_-revised.pdf

Other options include:

Shepherd Center Adapted Driving Services (Atlanta)

Siskin Hospital Rehabilitation Program Driving Services (Chattanooga)

Freedom and Mobility Driver Services (Marietta)

Please contact Susan Baker with any additional questions.

May Meeting 2015


Firstly, we have a new e-mail address for the OI Consortium:

I will be sending out all of our e-mails and meeting notices from this address, so please just e-mail me at this address if you have any questions for the group. 

It’s been too long since my last blog post! This school year has been very busy for me, as I’m sure it has been for everyone else! We had a great turnout at the panel discussion at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in January. We had over 100 people in attendance, and I have received a lot of good feedback as a result. I am hoping we can plan a similar event for next spring.

Our March meeting included a presentation by Susan Ruediger of the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association, which is a national organization that raises awareness for CMT, as well as provides support for persons living with CMT. Susan is a huge resource in this area, and is available at any time for support regarding a student with CMT. Here is a link to the CMTA website:

We will have our last meeting for the year tomorrow at Georgia State University. Kyle Pease, of the Kyle Pease Foundation, will be speaking with us about the KPF, and it’s goal of providing adapted athletic equipment and community building for persons with physical disabilities. This is an incredibly impacting organization as it provides free adapted sports equipment to people across the state, as well as providing a support system to persons with physical disabilities that encourages athleticism and positivity. I am really looking forward to hearing more about this organization and the people behind it!

Here is a link to the Kyle Pease Foundation:

We will also have a discussion led by Elise James of the GADOE regarding OI certification needs in Georgia. As there is currently no certification program in the state, Elise wants to generate input regarding the need for OI certified teachers in Georgia, and possible ways that we can bring a viable certification program back to life!

We are also going to be able to Skype the meeting for tomorrow, so if you would like to join the meeting via Skype, please e-mail me your username at:

Thank you and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting tomorrow!