Useful Apps

2014 Resources: 

FREE Apps and Google Extensions Presented by Renee Dawson, Debbie Brineman, and Jim Whitley of the Cherokee County School System – Tricks and Tips for OI Teachers

FREE Google Apps and Extensions Presentation by Lee Green of the Floyd County School System

Click on the links below to download the app. You may want to google the app as well, as some are available in various plaforms (android, Windows, and ipad or iphone).

Chrome Speak – Free Web Reader – Chrome Speak is a very natural sounding web and document reader. It is great for students to use independently or for listening to a longer text (novel, book chapter, etc.) as a small group, especially when the students have reading difficulties. This is a free app.

Quizlet – Quizlet is a flashcard app that can be used to study anything and anywhere. This is a free app.

Educreations – Create and share video lessons.

Jotnot Pro – Scan and send PDF documents from your mobile device.

iAnnotate – Annotate and send PDF documents.

Cloud On – Edit Microsoft Documents on the go.

Drop Box – Store documents in the Cloud.

Super Duper Data – Document and monitor student progress.

myHomework – Simple and reliable student planner.

Remind 101 – Safe student/parent communication tool that allows the teacher to keep their personal phone number private.

Efofex Math Science/Packs – Instinctive equation and graph creators.

Wifi Mouse App – Turn your mobile device into a wireless mouse for your computer. This is a great app for students who can only operate a mouse using a touch pad versus a standard mouse.


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