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Meeting Minutes – October 2011

Notes from the OI Consortium Meeting – October 6, 2011

Upcoming meetings for school year 2011-12

January 19

March 15

May 10

Discussed possible upcoming topics:

  1. Shepherd’s
    Clinic Tour – let’s go again!
    Include discussion on safety and evacuation plans
  2. 504
    versus Special Education Services – Ms. Parks will talk with her
    Compliance Dept. to present information to the group
  3. Postsecondary
    options and college disability services – Ms. Lynch will discuss with Ms.
    Margot Harbinger regarding presentation to our Consortium with college
    disability services.

Note:  College Fair in Gwinnett
County on Nov. 12th at the
Instructional Support

*Presentation on the Blog for OI
Teachers available through

Presenter:   Judy Bytheway, DeKalbCountySchools

All OI
Consortium members are included in the Blog with many resources available

Note: When members sign in, they
access the Georgia OI Teachers Blog and all the wonderful resources.  Discussion took place on the web resources available
on our BLOG – Take a look!

??Question:  DeKalb OI teachers requested  identification criteria for OI students:

*Referral form will be sent to
DeKalb from Eva and Paula Willis

Recommended:  use School Functional Assessment in
coordination with physical and occupational therapists.

Also, good indication of academic
performance = Mullen Scales of Early Learning

Breakout sessions took place,
where teams brainstormed solutions for targeted problems.

Group broke into  3 teams:

Team 1:   Problem = strategies to help with backing
off from one on one parapro.  Solutions =
*Pager system or two way radio for para access when needed    * Data to show where specific assistance is
needed   * Socialization – student has no
friends interacting at school or home

Deuces:   Problem = Student had one on one parapro,
same para since elementary.  Solutions:  Teacher released the parapro.  The student is now extremely social,
independent without the one on one paraprofessional enabling dependency.

Team 3:  Problem = When parents have trouble finding
good Solution:  Google
search – Parent 2 Parent is incredible for parent to find resources like

Great links: – great summary
of parental rights, along with other resources  – Great classroom

Technology Forum

Does anybody have any good websites for us to go to?

Pre-School Referral form? Eva and Paula

Determining OI Eligibility at the pre-school level? Adapting the checklist to make it shorter, and applicable to younger students.

We need an indicator for cognitive ability. Paula will find it and e-mail to us.

Mullen Scales of Early Learning, Pre-School Evaluation Skills Two, and Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale.

Link to Mullen Scales of Early Learning:

Break-Out sessions:

Plan our next date:

Shepherd Center Tour