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List of Summer Programs for Students with Physical and Health Disabilities

Hello Everyone!

I hope that the year is winding down smoothly for you!
Please see the attached list of summer activities that are available for our students. Please share this list with your students’ parents/family or anyone that might benefit from the information.
I have also attached two separate flyers that offer more specific information about the adaptive sports programs and inclusive events that are being offered by Roswell Parks and Recreation. I have also attached a flyer that details their need for volunteers for their programs this summer.
Lastly, thank you to everyone that has provided me with information!
I will be sending an e-mail before the end of this school year regarding dates for next year’s consortium meetings. We will have two meetings next year, one per semester. The meetings will be held at Georgia State. Please send me any meeting topics requests!

Thank you everyone!

Summer Programs List for Students with Physical and Health Disabilities

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